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Energy Audit/Sustainability Assessments


First and foremost, the purpose of the Energy and Sustainability Assessment is to give the homeowner control of their home. Whether there are health concerns, durability issues, or simply a desire to create a more sustainable and efficient home, an Atrix assessment will give you the pinpointed information you need to make lasting and cost effective improvements. 


The Energy and Sustainability Assessment should also be the first step in the process of any home improvement work - whether it is remodeling your entire kitchen, or simply adding insulation or replacing windows. This is true for any house, even new ones, but particularly important for an older home.


All homes are unique and provide different opportunities for improving the health, comfort, durability, and efficiency of the spaces they provide. Energy and Sustainability Assessments utilize an array of diagnostic equipment to not only identify these opportunities, but also allow the homeowner to accurately weigh the costs and benefits before work begins. In other words, we ensure your time and money are not wasted.


Additionally, having an energy assessment through Atrix qualifies homeowners to take advantage of rebates and incentives through the Federal Government, State Government, and local utility companies.


Check out What is an Energy Assessment? to get the full story on what it is we do!



Sustainable Remodels/Energy Efficiency Improvements


After you've received the results of your energy audit, its time to get started on remodeling! Atrix is a licensed home improvement contractor in Maryland. We focus on creating sustainable remodels that maximize the comfort, health, durability, and efficiency of your home. This is achieved by paying careful attention to not only the final product, but also the means and methods of construction and installation, as well as the specific materials that are used. 


If you are worried about the price of a "sustainable" remodel, don't be. We can work with any budget to create the best outcome based on your needs. If you're just looking for a few good ideas on your next project, check out our Resources page under "Sustainable Remodels".

DID YOU KNOW? The Average American spends 90% of their time indoors. In most homes today indoor air is 2 to 5 times MORE polluted than outdoors.

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