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Energy Assessments

Atrix conducts ASHRAE Level I and II Energy Assessments for small office-based and manufacturing businesses in Maryland and Delaware. Energy Assessments are vital to making precise and informed investment decisions while concurrently reducing operating costs and improving the durability and comfort of your office or manufacturing facility. 


Atrix maintains neutrality when it comes to recommendations and choosing upgrades. We think it's important that we separate ourselves from any specific products or energy efficiency measures to ensure we are recommending the least costly and most practical efficiency improvements possible. However, if your business decides to implement any number of recommended upgrades, we offer full project management services to ensure measures and equipment are installed and perform correctly.


Additionally, multiple grants and incentives are available in Maryland and Delaware to reduce the cost of both the energy assessment and the efficiency upgrades. Atrix provides grant writing and documentation services with all energy assessments to allow your company to maximize the return on your investments.


Pricing varies based on the square footage of your building and the amount of process equipment that requires testing. Industry averages range from .12 cents per square foot to .50 cents per square foot--with costs typically not exceeding 10% of your annual utility bill (U.S. DOE). Additionally, the cost of the assessment is often paid for by basic energy conservation measures within a years time.


Interested in what grants are available? Please see our Resources page under "Business & Commercial Grants/Incentives"


For more information on how to get started, or to see samples of our work, please call us at (410) 603-4901.

Sustainability Plans

Sustainablity Planning is several steps beyond an energy assessment and is the key first step in becoming a business that consumes less, wastes less, works smarter and earns more. This analysis and planning service allows businesses to improve the working environment for their staff, reduce operating costs, and reduce their impact on the environment. 


Sustainable strategies can vary from something as simple as office supply purchasing practices, or something more like submetering energy and water consumption to actively monitor and tweak your daily usage. However, Atrix Sustainability Plans are always tailored to your specific company and current operation procedures. We work very closely with all key personnel and support staff to gain the best understanding of which sustainable strategies are most practical for your business.  


To achieve this, Atrix offers an in-depth analysis of business site management, energy & water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and material/resource management practices. Our analysis focuses on the key sustainablity strategies defined by the LEED Operations & Maintenance Rating System in addition to continuous research in the field.


Want to know more about what aspects of your business we can help improve? Check out our Resources page under "Sustainability Planning."

DID YOU KNOW? According to Energy Star, on average, 30% of a commercial building's utility bill is spent on wasted or underutilized energy.

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